In the years 1997 -2000, as a composer, I collaborated with THE ROSE VAN DER BLAAST THEATER.

I created music for several films, including PARADOX LAKE by Przemysław Reut and “VINCI” by Juliusz Machulski.

I recorded and released 5 SOLO ALBUMS for Requiem Records (2002 – 2019). One of them was awarded by the audiophile magazine “Hi-Fi Muzyka” with the title “RECORD OF THE YEAR 2004“.

I co-created electronic and experimental music projects“NEMEZIS” and “CHWASTY” (4 albums).

I work with visual artists, e.g. music for PIETER HENKET’s video instalation “The Wait” for the Museum de Fundatie (Netherlands).

For several years, as a guitarist, I have been cooperating with the CHOREA THEATER in Łódź. 3 performances, including one with the support of the ADAM MICKIEWICZ INSTITUTE, staged in several countries in Europe.

I was a member of the male choir “SONGS FOR THE CITY”, which performed acient songs in urban space (award at the 37th Actor’s Song Festival in 2016).

As a music producer, I worked with such artists as: MŁYNARSKI & MASECKI JAZZ BAND (platinum record), LOTTO, WACŁAW ZIMPEL, BASTARDA, HUBERT ZEMLER as well as KRZYSZTOF ZALEWSKI (platinum record), ŁĄKI ŁAN and many others.

Since 2020, I have been recording albums and playing concerts with the Polish trumpeter WOJCIECH JACHNA.